An email for those curious about customer success and solving problems.

Howdy 👋,

I’m Jeremey. I lead teams, help customers, and generally solve problems. I live outside of Denver, Colorado. 🏔️

I’m working to build the Customer Experience efforts over at Ness. We have huge ambitions for reshaping the future of wellcare to make it more affordable and accessible. That vision is rooted in a customer-first experience.

Each Sunday evening, I share an email on topics like:

  • Building and scaling customer-facing teams

  • How Support teams can work more effectively across the org

  • Solving problems and being useful within an organization

  • Tips, tools, and strategies for excelling in a remote environment

  • Effectively leading and managing teams

And more! It’s my way of learning in public and having fun discussions along the way.

If you’re interested in product building and customers, I think you’ll find a home here.

I love meeting people so after you subscribe, please send me a note -

Looking forward to future conversations!




Jeremey DuVall
Thinking about how startups can wow customers, build faster, and ultimately deliver a delightful experience.